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Landlord-Tenant Disputes

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When a commercial or residential landlord acts without first understanding the rights of a tenant and does not obey the proper procedure for eviction, the landlord may be liable for any financial harm suffered by the tenant. In general, if a tenant is guilty of violating the terms of a rental agreement, the landlord must first give the tenant notice to remedy any default. If the violation is not remedied, a specific procedure must be followed to avoid further legal difficulties and exposure to a lawsuit. The Law Office of Brian W. Pariser, P.A., advises and represents landlords and tenants in commercial and residential evictions.

If you are a commercial or residential landlord or tenant and need legal assistance in evicting tenants, please contact evictions lawyer Brian W. Pariser today for a free phone consultation to discuss how his office can help you.

Evictions — What a Landlord Can and Cannot Do

Under Florida law, tenants have certain rights — even in cases where they owe rent, create noise or cause other problems. If you are trying to evict a tenant, you must adhere to statutory or lease deadlines and procedures. You must also refrain from:

  • Turning off the tenant’s utilities
  • Changing the locks
  • Withholding a security deposit without proper notice
  • Blocking mail delivery
  • Moving a tenant’s belongings out of the apartment or home

In initiating eviction proceedings, landlords should:

  • Properly notify a tenant by statute or lease terms regarding delinquent rent payment or other nonrent violations of the lease
  • Address any allegations of pest infestation, disrepair or malfunctioning utilities
  • Document complaints from other tenants regarding noise or alleged violations of a tenant’s agreement
  • Call the police in cases involving suspected illegal activity

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Evictions can create ill will among other tenants, lead to further legal difficulties and impact revenue. Understanding what steps to take, what deadlines to adhere to, and what statutory and lease procedures to follow is essential in asserting your rights as a landlord or tenant. To speak with an experienced attorney who can help you avoid legal complications, contact evictions attorney Brian W. Pariser today.

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