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Civil Litigation

Disputes Requiring Litigation

Brian W. Pariser‘s focus is on civil litigation throughout the state of Florida in state or federal court representing individuals, unit owners and condominium and homeowner associations. Large amounts of money, contract or statutory rights and obligations are frequently involved when disputes arise, or property or common elements or areas suffer damage (through weather events or otherwise). No one wants to take a chance in court or in trial without an attorney acting as an advocate for his/her clients’ rights, to contest liability, enforce rights, to obtain past and future compensation from an offending party, or seek justice.

Sometimes negotiation can resolve disputes. Civil litigation is necessary when it doesn’t. One or more parties file a claim in state or federal court, requesting compensation for losses, or other relief from a wrong they feel they have suffered. Even after claims have officially been filed, a case can be settled “on the courthouse steps,” in mediation or arbitration, or on the way to trial. When parties cannot come to an agreement “out of court,” then they go to trial.

If you are involved in such a dispute, the Law Office of Brian W. Pariser, P.A. can:

  • Review your position
  • Attempt to negotiate with other parties
  • File the appropriate pleadings, claims or counter-claims, in the proper court and venue
  • Represent clients in all mediation, arbitration, or trial work

The Law Office of Brian W. Pariser, P.A. can provide the personal service and dedication to give you the confidence in whatever course of action you take. Please contact the office via phone or email to arrange a consultation.

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