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Attorney Pariser is a Florida Supreme Court certified civil circuit court mediator since 1992 for: Florida Circuit Civil Court statewide; an approved paid mediator for The Florida Department of Financial Services property and casualty insurance claims; Florida Circuit Civil Court and U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida Mediator. Mr. Pariser has served in the past as an approved paid mediator Florida Department of Professional Regulation Arbitration Division for Condominium and Homeowner Association Arbitration Cases. Mr. Pariser is dedicated to using mediation as an efficient, cost effective and impartial method for achieving resolution of legal dispute.

Mediation can take place in person or if agreed in order to save time, travel and expense, by internet/Zoom capability. Many cases are resolved by a face to face discussion of the issues with the help of an experienced mediator. Attorney Pariser acting as an impartial mediator experienced in community association law brings a unique perspective and knowledge concerning governing documents, collection and enforcement issues. Mediation saves the parties time, money and anxiety in an attempt to settle and resolve legal differences in mediation as an alternate to expensive and unpredictable litigation.

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